Sunday, May 18, 2014

Movies and food

Saturday of this weekend was planned and executed well.

We made sure we saw ourselves out at 1 PM for a lunch buffet at a place called Istanbul Grill. We have been there for some Hookah time but never really tasted their Middle-Eastern cuisine. No, not everything needs to be had with Hummus. Two of my friends hail from strict Muslim families and we opt for restaurants that serve Halal meat. I managed to offend the waitress there by asking if there were any Pork meat dishes on the buffet spread and I was responded with a vehement 'No'. Good to know. 'But you do serve Beef right?, point me to them' I said and I stayed away from it. Of course,  pepper and salt had to be generously sprinkled to arrive at a definite taste. Needlessly to say, I loved the meal. 

Next stop was a mall to return some stuff.

Godzilla and Million Dollar Arm are the two movies that released this weekend and we couldn't choose one over another. After watching Godzilla at 4:30 PM, we watched Million Dollar Arm at 7:00 PM. Loved both the movies. 

Godzilla has all the elements I wish to see in any Hollywood movie - Monsters, trains and trucks being chewed, buildings being demolished and cities on fire. Watch it if you grew up thinking America really had a Jurassic Park with Dinosaurs in it and you hoped to visit it someday.

Millon Dollar Arm taught me that Americans sweat on will. When the situation is tense, they do and they are fresh otherwise. So it is not the country, it's them. Complicated, I know. 

Dinner at a Thai place called Lime Leaf because one of friends thought home cooked dinner would down the excitement of a splendid day and I didn't complain - who wants to chop onions anyway?!

Reeling in Sunday laziness. Bye.

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