Monday, May 19, 2014

Food tasting

Vaai Moodi Pesavum. Do you get lost in movies that you carry a part of it with you even after it is over? A little bit of insanity and vulnerability is required to experience this. I didn't want to talk the entire evening after the movie was over. A must watch it is.

My Sunday was about my silly experiments with finding what caused the acute stomach aches I sometimes suffer from. I recalled a couple of incidents and found that Blueberries were the common factor in all those occurrences. What would sensible people do after arriving at such a conclusion? Stay away from it. What do you think people like me would do? Prove it. But of course, one cannot test it on the room mate, can they? Anyway, I was right. I ended up with stomach cramps, one of the worst I have ever experienced. I tried sleeping through it but looks like my stomach and my brain share some nerves and I was writhing the entire afternoon.

I'm fine now. Thanks for asking. 

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