Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crime beat

Intuitiveness is a responsibility. You know the inevitable and you await it.

I was too young to know I possessed it.

The children's park that my house overlooks now, was a barren ground back then. In the far right corner of the ground was a house which didn't look big enough for a family of four people, a couple and two daughters. Opposite to that house was a factory which was nothing more than a hole in the wall. The factory made industrial glue and had employed two people - an old guy and another who could afford the money to buy a Suzuki Samurai bike and the time to sit outside the factory doing nothing.

At such a young age, anything queer would mean danger. I didn't think twice before concluding that the Suzuki guy was pure evil. He sat outside the factory all day trying to make friendly conversations with passers by, teasing little kids, ogling at women and basically living up to his image. He has spoken to me twice. He wanted to know if I needed a lift from my house to the school bus stop the first time and later again he said 'Hi' when he had come home to talk to my dad about managing money. I ignored him both the times.

That morning when I woke up, the parents were outside talking animatedly with the neighbors pointing at the house at the far end of the ground. There was crowd, an ambulance, a police vehicle and a couple of policemen. I heard the words 'suicide', 'mother of the two daughters', 'Factory guy' and 'long term affair'.

Nobody was found guilty and nobody was arrested. But the glue factory was shut down. The dad and the two daughters of the house relocated. I no longer saw the Suzuki guy in the colony and nobody spoke about it after that.

I am not saying this was a murder and I am not Miss Marple to be able to solve this mystery. I am not even saying that the Suzuki guy is guilty. But at least I trusted my intuition and stayed away from evil. Right?

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