Monday, September 24, 2012

Go green. Take the stairs.

It's a huge office and the probability to seeing someone you know is Nil. Well, I thought so.

You know there are some managers who yell, overburden their subordinates with work, set unachievable deadlines and are unfriendly? Santhosh wasn't any of that. It is just that I bumped into him after a really long time, in an elevator, first thing in the morning and my immediate reaction was 'Ulp'. 

Although him getting into the elevator from the basement and me from the ground floor cannot be made into a three hour movie like Alaipyuthey, there is still some hope for a movie like the Titanic(with no elevators) or the Star wars(with no.. Ok. I confess, I have not watched it yet). Genre - Horror, Thriller, Bollywood

Two years ago I got caught for having locked one of the Not-So-NASA and Not-Even-a-TNPD level important user ID and shot to fame in a matter of two hours. So, when everybody was busy using sniffer dogs to hunt me down, I was in the cafeteria ranting about how life at work was getting uninteresting and monotonous and how I needed to spice it up. And some angel from above said 'Tathastu'. I walk back into my office with this manager waiting to 'have a word with me'.

Now : First floor. Ting.

There!, he said  running some stats on the server, not waiting for me to go 'But..' when he popped the very obvious 'So, it was you?' question.

Silence, for the next few awkward minutes and a couple of more days. I finally made it to the 'Lessons learnt' document of the project manual. I couldn't run back to my mom beaming 'Aatha naa pass ayitten' because I live in a city and we don't really have farms in my area. Yeah, that is why.

Now : Second floor. Ting.

So, where was he all these days and where is he coming now? Did he notice me? Should I wish him a good morning ? Am I being rude? But what if he doesn't recognize me? (Ok THAT -- is not going to happen. Pfft.)

Now : Third floor. Ting.

Time for me to get out of this small, inconvenient, insignificant, anti-green, anti-friendly scientific invention to just carry people between floors when there is stairs instead!.

Ten minutes into checking my mails, chatting up with friends I finally relax and my colleague calls out. 'Abi, I want you to meet somebody'.

Santhosh it is.

Me - Hi SsanTthoSsh. What a pleasant surprise!. How have you been?

Santhosh - I'm good. I saw you in the elevator and thought of saying hi but you looked lost.*Smiles*

Me - Oh. Really? Sorry, I didn't notice you. (Hand me the Oscar already!). *Smiles* *Smiles more* *Contemplates jumping off the building*

It's a small world. Don't believe me ? Get into an elevator.

And next time, I'm just taking the stairs.

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