Monday, February 1, 2010

Brand crazy!

This is a list of all the brands I was crazy about as a kid

Natraj Pencils
Camlin geometry box
Camel Glue
Hero Pen
TTK maps
Bata shoes
Witco bags
Fraser Erasers
Camel's wooden scale
Camlin plastic scale.
BSA cycles
Kiwi shoe polish
Lanes cakes
Kwality walls
Feather badminton cocks
Ganesh rackets
Anand bakery Bhel
Student Xerox
Shakthi microxerox 
Stic hifi micro tip pens
flix sketchpens
BPL television
Parry's Lactoking
Saravana  Bhavan Dosa
Zee scented pens
Super notebooks

(to be updated)

Great times!!

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