Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family love

When: 20:45

Where : On a bluish green chair under a solely lit light opposite a monitor which looked as dazed as I was.. A/C was coughing out CO2 down on me.

Day: Yet another day

Ek Dho theen Chaarr cheee!! I hear my phone ring through the deafening ipod music.. My brother..

Me: Solda.. enna?

Siva : Enga irukke?

Me : Office.. enna?

Siva : Ooh... Still ? Your bike is under repair right??!! okay I have my bike today. You come to vadapalani. I'll pick u up from there.

Me: Hey!! Super! sure.. I'll be there at around 10:30.. Wait near the bus stop okay? thanks da...

I hang up..

Damn!.. Bloody Sony Ericcson batteries suck!! I knew it was not gonna last more than 10 minutes.. I atleast planned it out well with my brother.

It was worth fighting with him for the last 23 years. We got bored of it and things are LESS violent between us. Touchwood :)

Okay.. To : so and so CC to all big shots.. subject?? Check!.. content?? ..check!.. attachment ?? check... and.... SEND!!! The proof of my whole day's work!..and shucks!! I missed my signature.. now who bloody cares!..

21:25 packed bags.. 21:26 staircase.. a minute later in the bus puffing and panting. This being the only workout I have time for.. I never complain. Inspite of seeing the same face every single day.. the cleaner kiddo asks me.. enga poreenga?.. Guindy.. Bus pass irukka? he asks again.. "irukku da"... i scowled..

I heard the engine rumble at 9:45 P.M.. i swear I did.. n I blacked out... when it screeched to a halt at guindy I parcelled myself down.

The watch showed ten thirty for the second time that day.. I was tired,hungry and more than anything I was guilty that my brother was waiting for me in the same half alive state in next stop, vadapalani. I waited for almost 15 minutes patiently in the bus stop and then for the next ten minutes I was pacing up and down. Route D70 comes.. I get in and it kicks me out in vadapalani at 23:00 .

My brother was nowhere in sight. Phone was dead.. Half an an hour to mid night.. starved to death, I took a share auto with ten other drunken fellow citizens. Got down from the auto on the main road at 00:00 . Started the ten minutes walk to my house. On the way i was imagining my house gates open, dad standing outside the house tenants consoling him, mom crying, bro on his bike to set out to look for me and it gave me the shudders.

My house from far seemed calmer than usual but the lights were on. Okay.. they are waiting inside. I walked inside silently. My brother was sprawled on the dad in their room sleeping(A/C on).. Well atleast my brother was waiting for me...

Sounding totally concerned, I started telling.. "Siva.. Im sorry.. my phone.." He cut in.. "huh.. Did u lock the door downstairs coz im too tired to do anything.. Btw.. I didnt come to vadapalani I had to book movie tickets so went to sathyam instead"..

Great! Love you too..


  1. Lolz... I must admit. I love the crazy love that ur family displays and ur family, u included :)

  2. Hey! Read it now. Never remember such a incident happen :-)

  3. Btw, You must be happy that you've ALL the freedom you ever want. How much time will it take for me to put a hold on you? huh?

  4. This isnt about my Freedom da. This is about ur negligence. GRRR..