Saturday, December 27, 2008

Belated review :)

  I love movies.I watch loads.I admire lots.Relate to many.Discuss few.But was driven to write about this one for the first time. Im plainly very proud to have watched this movie. Walked into AVM theatre (the best crowd for a movie like this) with absolutely no expectations a year back with a rare companion, my mom.My liking for Danush cannot be attributed to his looks or his dancing skills. I like him because he surprises me with his choice of roles.I had not even watched the trailers and hence did not trust the director Vetrimaaran on his debut movie Polladhavan.But I could assure myself some entertainment for three hours after all it is a tamil movie and these new age directors know how to entertain us. 

   According to first law of tamil cinema,the very first scene by a debut director will be a colourful,positive scene shot preferably outside AVM studios' Ganesh temple,UNREAL,ARTIFICIAL and hence NOT MY TYPE.In this movie though,there is colour but it is the colour you percieve. You see red because there is violence ,you notice blue because there is romance and you see black because the movie is over (okay that was a bad joke har har har :D).There is positive energy even in a gruesome murder you witness because you justify its presence in the script. 

  There is this guy who loses his bike which brought him luck and found him a job and basically earned him a life. He tracks the theft to a small time gangster(Daniel Balaji) who uses this unclaimed vehicle for drug trafficking.The story is about how he falls into deep shit and how he gets out of it.The comedy track doesnt hang out of the script but is neatly interwoven to aid in the flow of the events.The songs,err.. are inevitable(Indian movie you see :)) and good.The background music during the bike hunt scenes truly haunted me for days after that,though I have heard that somewhere in some hollywood movie(no issues).There is silence in few scenes and you think what the artists think.You relate to that actor who lost his dear bike because you love your bike too and the guy on screen is not a hero but is just a normal guy like YOU.

  The Language! the language the people speak in the movie is Chennai's gangster language! It is so perfect that you can doubt the dialogue writer for a former gangster.And I give you full rights to doubt me for calling that language perfect hehe.The villian totally impressed me.He made me view his goondaism as an honourable bloody :P profession.Apparently he does not mess with the fublic(that was not a typo :)),because the fublic does not mess with him. His accomplice, a guy called 'Out' is a total hero and puts up a great attitude throughout the movie, good job!.Villain's wife Anju, is another right choice for her role.Woman!, how do you change your voice to sound like a total b****h. Karunas has done an excellent job.The only one has who overacted is Daniel Balaji,come on dude! wake up! vettayadu vilayadu released ages back.

  The cast is good.The co-rowdies have done a good job.There is a scene in the climax where a mob in an auto chases the hero's family down to a dead end of a road to gun them down. Suddenly one of them recieve a call asking them to refrain from doing so. So they back off.One of them asks the other "yenda??" the one who took the call says "therla da" so carelessly that your feel the chill running down your spine. It could have been a bloody massacre had it not been for that call. Now that two line conversation is brilliance.There is one more scene where Daniel casually cuts the repeated calls from Mr.Out asking him not to attack the hero. I initially thought it was a mistake in post production when the phone rings again. I recently watched it again and I connected his hand movement and the ring and there you go.. yet another clever scene. I can keep listing down so many such scenes shot so brilliantly. 
  The script is so cool.Brilliant acting by Dhanush.Divya was sweet and totally harmless(whatever i meant!).His set of friends were so cool.I bet you cant wink an eye cause every scene counts.It is one of the fastest movies ever.It was well thought of and brilliantly presented.Loved the movie :)
  On the whole, an impressive movie. In vetrimaaran we better trust.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not here!

I know a place where I can be happy

And I wanna go there.