Sunday, October 19, 2008


I managed to catch the 7 P.M bus back home from office last friday. It was the weekend I was waiting for. Two more weeks to deepavali and all the channels managed to run their prime time shows between a dozen commercials :) I had already bought myself a pair a new jeans and a t shirt last week. Mom thought I was done shopping. Giggle.. giggle... I started listing down all that I wanted!. 

1) More Clothes

2) Fast track coolers

3) something

4) something more

5) more

6) yess.. that!.. a little expensive... but okay!... :)

seventh one...??!!....hmm….

Scrrrreeeeeeeeeeecchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Must have been a cow crossing the road. The bus halted for a few seconds. 

Amma!... let us travel by that A/C bus at least once. It costs just 10 bucks. We'll even walk back home. Please!!. A small boy on the road by my window was telling his mother. 

I reached for my ipod and drifted away to  sleep.

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