Monday, October 27, 2008

When escape velocity wasn enough!

   Deepavali evening 6 to 8 if you were watching your favourite idol's super hit tamil movie(first time ever on tamil television!! :) ) on SUN, KTV or any other DTH service, I would call you unfortunate( i am being very polite here). I was sitting on my terrace awestruck seeing so many colours in so many forms on the infinite inch tv :) Leave chandrayaan dude, you need to really appreciate these sivakasi people for their talent. They are not just the spaarrkk.. pooff.. and a bang type fireworks. It was bang!!..  swhisssshhh... boooom!!!.. lights!! colours! more colours and more light and a hell lot of surprises. 

There was one rocket which went all the way up burst into colours and went still up n burst into another set of colours. 

There was one which screamed( literally) all the way up and dropped a parachute from there. 

Also theres all ways this rocket which makes your eyes follow it all the way up and goes pfft. hehe

Believe me or not there was one which was continuosly shooting up and bursting for like 5 whole freaking minutes. all possible colours. sounds. brilliant it was! It was all the more fun because i had a 8 year old kid by my side who went ''wow!!'' for every single take off. kids!! :)

It was lovely... err actually it IS lovely.. Thanks to the vastu the comp's by the window from where I still see all the fireworks.

Though these rockets do not require any major technicians, no monitoring for days, no synching with orbits, no apogee, no perigee they are defintely bloody good fun.All thanks to all those affluent people who spent a fortune on all those fancy rockets costing from (2000 to 5000 bucks.. phew!! ) to entertain the rest.. It was a good show they put up :) Happy diwali 2008!! :)  


  1. The fireworks were fun indeed. I saw the 5 minutes thing as well. This is the first time I've seen it. It was pretty!

  2. Happy deepali :D

    Hehe U asking ppl NOT to watch MOVIES, I surely realise how wonderful d chennai skies must hv appeared dat day!!!

  3. Hello...

    We guys saw it in besant nagar...

    Awesome it was...

  4. hey :) i didnt know u started blogging!!! awesome :) good going girl!!!