Friday, March 10, 2017

What is an alarm clock?

It's been 30 years since I won my last battle against the alarm clock and I'm 30 years old.

Even before the term bipolar gathered all the popularity, I knew I had it. This is not really about the display of my eccentric characters (which I do possess) but about the two kinds of mindset in me - one when I am setting the alarm for 5 AM and the one that completely denies any association with it when it rings.

To add to this misery, all the 'How to be successful' articles lecture about having to start the day early and that's got to be  5 AM not a minute more or less. I don't read those articles to be successful. I read them to make myself acquire, in vain, one good character that I was not born with.

Anyway, I get up to practice meditation and I do sometimes. I slide to one end of the bed and start meditating and before I know it (and I hope it is at least after 10 minutes) I get back to sleeping.

All my efforts to wake up have been failing because -

1. I do not have a motivating plan for workout. No, gym is not motivating if I need to brush my teeth at 5 AM. Not at least at this this stage of laziness.

2. I do not have company to wake up. I don't want to wake up alone and be sorry for myself.

3. I believe in, sometimes very strongly, that there is a tomorrow.

I could overcome these by -

1. Having a packed morning plan.

2. Being committed to the plan.

3. Fear of wasting my life wanting to do something but never working for it.

4. Trying to wake up by 5 AM everyday continuously for one whole month (I believe in training my body clock to work its wonders)

Let's see. Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

No more TV series

I have been dodging all urges of starting to watch a new TV series.

I am not monopolizing binge watching TV series, but Netflix will soon face a law suit for wasting my precious time, in the future, soon, after I am done watching all their TV series.

It all began with Heroes - Season 1 continued into Prison Break - Season 1 into Big Bang Theory - 6 seasons through to Drop Dead Diva via all seasons of Breaking Bad and House MD and now I'm stuck with House of Cards.

After House of cards, no more TV series.

Friday, January 2, 2015

New year post #1

Happy new year everyone !

Monday, September 15, 2014

Guilty as 'charged'

I am not a shopaholic. I don't shop at will or when I don't have enough money to last the month or when I am in a store helping someone else shop.

I shop when in need. 

The process of shopping is strenuously very psychological. I hate paying for things that I do not intend on using. So, when I am attracted to something,  I imagine myself in them. This mental calculation has two outcomes and the one that convinces me that the product is worth the price, wins. I do not splurge on clothes that are over priced, not always. Sometimes, very rarely, I fall in love. Blindly, I lust a pair of shoes or a dress or a skirt. I can count the number of times this has happened in my entire life.

1. The royal blue salwar khameez from Kumaran Silks that I bought for my cousin's wedding. Trust me, a thousand rupees used to be a lot of money.

2. The silk saree from Varadaram's that I bought for my mom and me.

3. The Banaras saree bought for my brother's wedding from Kalaniketan.

4. The Mokshaa saree bought for my college symposium.

I can assure you that I will keep them all safely forever and ever.

The last two consecutive weekends saw me spending 400 bucks totally. I am feeling happy and guilty at the same time and this post is my idea of keeping things on check. I swore not to buy anything for the next three months and I hope to stick to the oath.

Wish me luck!. Because, window shopping is fun and in my case it almost always leads to the door.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tamizh kazhagam

A thought that inspires you to great deeds needs to be cherished and kept alive. As a result of a friend's whatsapp text that contained a link to a Barathiyar song, we founded a three member club for Tamizh.

We discussed Barathiyar at length on Friday, August 15th and eventually ended up watching the video below.

Yaar Barathiyar

We hope to meet more often. I don't want to rave about the club but I'm quite pleased with ourselves.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Selfies of the good kind


Have you ever observed yourself while playing a game that you are good at? You are at your subconscious best. You multitask, beat your own high scores and remain quite oblivious to the thrill of winning.

Have you observed yourself while you, for the lack of a better word, 'stink' in a game? Your conscious effort to get better at it is met with a stronger force called the opponent. I recently found a number game called the 2048. Quite popular one, that game. Every time I fail, I start the next trial with the belief that I will conquer it. But in the end.. ah well, I started this sentence with a 'Every time I fail'. So you see, I have convinced myself of never being able to solve it and yet I get back to it. The games at which I stink are the games I feel very alive in. Counts as a reason to not fair well in the silliest of games right? Right.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mid week crisis

I have been laying off some real tedious work for almost two weeks now and I picked it up today, on a Wednesday!. I hate documentation work and I cannot frame a sentence without hitting the back space on it at least five times. To think in sentences that make sense to everyone who reads it is the world's toughest task. I'm glad no one reads these posts and that's why it pours.

Good day, bye.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Food shopping

Stocked up the kitchen again. Bought 3Ls of milk absolutely aware that  it will vanish in under a week. Murukku, Mixture, Veggies, curd and wheat - we have everything now. Don't you love such a kitchen?. I do!

My mom never likes to run out of kitchen utlities and I feel exactly the same. I panic! Ok. bye. I feel fat already.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I love snacks and I never say no to them.

As much as I would to maintain a healthy diet, I cannot stop thinking of tiny packets of murukku and biscuits when the lunch effect starts wearing off. It's not the hunger that triggers the craving, I have observed, but the discipline that demands to be followed.

I try and eat a variety of snacks because.. not everything needs to have a reason, I like variety and that's it. Too much to taste and such little time.

I had 50-50, Good day Choconut, Chakri and coffee. That's how you alleviate a pain caused by a Monday.

Hate my post today. It does not justify my love for snacks.